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Oh man, if you’ve checked out my website or follow me on twitter you know I’m in the middle of porting all of my designs in my threadless shop to my new integrated shop and let me tell you- if you’ve never done it before it’s very dull and tedious to the inth degree. Especially when you have a billion designs which I of course do.

Each design has to be placed on each products, and each color of fabric selected, and each price manually put in. Then you have to sync it to the shop and don’t even get me started with how time consuming that is! Each design takes me at least an hour so it’s a bit of a long haul for me.

I’m trying to balance pricing and product availability and sizing, so some products are a bit more expensive because I decided to prioritize a wider size range, since I know the struggle of wanting to buy something cute and the biggest size is like a size too small for you, so I want it to be a nice balance of cost vs sizing. I’ve been assured by the other Certified Noonas that the prices are more than fair, especially when compared to official licensed merch prices. I def don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being ripped off that’s for sure!

Anyway, if there’s a design you guys wanted from my old shop but on the new shop products, keep your eyes peeled, because it’s coming ASAP!


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