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So I made it back to Canada after the Monsta X concert which was AMAZING by the way. If you have an opportunity to go see them in concert Do It. The show was amazing, the dancing was incredible, the energy of the crowd was divine. It was such an experience and I can’t wait to hit up another concert as soon as finances allow for it.

But all good things must come to an end and sadly I must return home. However I’ve got some fun stuff cooking up for the fall to start working on, which I’m super excited for! But I won’t be home until Thursday as I’m visiting some Canadian family. This is why I need an iPad Pro so I can keep working when I’m on the go! I did have a lot of fun at the concert and also at the beach with my niblings, including the youngest niece who is basically a mini me.

I’ve got a secret project with @kdramajen on twitter that we’ve been working on for quite some time now that should be done at the end of this month.

I’ve also got a new project for YouTube that I’m working on to hopefully go live sometime before the end of August, or early September at the latest. I’ve been shopping the idea around and everyone thinks it’s hilarious and fun. Small hint- will involve whispering.

As always my stupid live-streams will continue for the six people who consistently enjoy them despite them being extremely terrible. They will continue because I enjoy them, they let me chat with those six people, and there’s a vain hope that someday maybe other people will enjoy them as well.

a wild shooky spotted in the wilds of new jersey

In shop new- going to try to finish up the hanging chads of designs that are half finished, and finish porting all of the designs over from the old shop to the new one. There’s also embroidered tees and crop tops in the new shop as well as hats, so I’ve got some ideas for fandom specific designs with the group logo and fandom name for a more classy understated design.

In Certified Noonas news we have a brand new website I’ve been throwing together that’s set to launch on September First, and we’re all really excited about new projects we’ve got coming up as well with the ladies, so look forward to that!


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